Heli-Scenic Tour: Eastern Bhutan

Traditional Textile Tour (BUT-KHOMA-BUT)

  • 50 minutes helicopter ride
Points of Interest:
  • Tang Valley
  • Takila Guru
  • Khoma Village

Enjoy the overflying majestic landscape towards Lhuntse, the region known as the ancestral home of our kings. The flight will overfly Lhuntse Rinchentse Dzong situated on a hilltop overlooking Kuri chhu. Towards the south you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the World’s Tallest Guru Nangsey Ziloen statue (157 feet tall) which sits atop a hilltop in Takila. On this tour we can pitstop at Khoma village, popularly known for its intricately patterned silk textile known as Kishuthara, generally worn as kira (traditional wrapper for bhutanese women).

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