Unaccompanied Baggage from Bangkok

You buy, we ship to Bhutan!

We accept unaccompanied baggage at our Check-in Counters in Bangkok at the existing cargo rates. Payment can be made at Bangkok in THB or in Bhutan in BTN (at official rate of exchange).

Counter No. J15-J19
Oversized X-ray Y3
Counter Timing 8:45 am to 10:45 am (Every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Sunday)
Rates Minimum 1040 per piece (THB 138 THB per kg)
Maximum Weight (per piece)* 50 kgs
Maximum size (per piece)* 150 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm (LxWxH)

*Dimensions and weight exceeding the figures shared in the table above will be rejected by airport X-ray security.

How to send

Once you have decided to send unaccompanied baggage, you can use our services by simply visiting the counter one day prior to flight departure as per the timing given on this page. Since the counter number for this service will be allocated by AOT on the day of operation, we recommend you to check the flight information display at the airport.

Unaccompanied baggage will be accepted only at the counters, and not at any other location. Once at the counter ensure your baggage is weighed and baggage tags (LR) are attached accordingly. You will have to sign the LR (limited release tag) and ensure to declare the contents of the baggage. All unaccompanied baggage forms should be filled properly, including the sender and receiver details.

We recommend that a picture of the baggage tag and unaccompanied baggage form be taken by the sender and shared with the receiver in Bhutan.

Drukair does not guarantee a specific time for collection of your unaccompanied baggage. While we have an excellent rate of correct delivery estimations, with most of the unaccompanied baggage arriving on time, we recommend allowing a little extra time in case of any unexpected disruptions. As with the collection, please note that items will need custom clearance before it can be collected by the recipient.

Television as Unaccompanied Baggage

Drukair will accept carriage of television up to 65 inches and within the permissible weight of up to maximum weight allowance of 50 kgs on limited release (if the customer indemnifies the airline against any claims for compensation for damage). For TVs above 65 inches please book separately and send through our cargo services.


  1. Perishables will only be accepted on the day of departure and not one day before as there is no cold storage for unaccompanied baggage.
  2. Perishable items must be declared to the counter agent. The airline will not be responsible for any damage to perishables due to non-declaration.
  3. Dangerous goods, like batteries and explosives/flammable content, is prohibited and will be rejected during security x-ray screening, without any liability to the carrier.
  4. While the airline will strive to handle fragile items carefully, the customer has to ensure that the packaging is done properly. Fragile items will only be accepted by the airline if the customer indemnifies the airline against any claims for compensation for damaged fragile items (Limited Release at the back of the tag must be signed).
  5. Volumetric weight charges will be applied if the items are big in size but less in weight. However, if actual weight is more than volumetric weight, then the actual weight will be charged.
  6. Passenger baggage and medical/other urgent cargo will be prioritized and therefore unaccompanied baggage may be offload depending on the availability of space in the aircraft cargo holds.