Special Recruitment of Trainee Pilots as part of CSR (13/02/2023)

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Drukair realizing, that there are many self-sponsored Bhutanese Pilots with CPLs in the job market and due to lack of flying hours are not able to gain employment anywhere, hereby announces this special recruitment to provide flying opportunity and thereby gain flying hours. However, this is not intended to encourage any future aspirants to pursue flying training and Drukair absolves itself from responsibility of providing such CSR in future and does not guarantee extension to anyone who decides to pursue flight training in the future. Drukair shall provide flying opportunity up to 1000 flying hours and release them to look for their own employment.

Therefore, all interested Bhutanese candidates who have the required eligibility criteria may apply to Head of Corporate Services Division, Drukair Corporation Limited, Paro town, opposite of Paro Municipal Authority office with duly filled Drukair Employment Application Form (click here to download) along with following documents on or before 28th February 2023 before close of office at 17:00 hours.

The details of this one-time opportunity with application procedures, qualification criteria and terms and conditions are provided below:

Candidates applying for the above post are required to submit a copy of the following documents with the Drukair Employment Application Form.

  • Pass Certificate and Mark sheets (Class X and XII)
  • Degree Pass Certificate and Mark sheets (if any)
  • Citizenship ID Card
  • Valid Security Clearance
  • Recent Medical Certificate (not older than 6 months)
  • Recommendation letter from past employer(s) if previously employed.
  • Pilot license endorsed by Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority or proof of commencement of training from any Institute recognized by the Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority must be provided.

Qualification, Procedure, Terms and Conditions

  • The last date to qualify for this recruitment policy is the 28th February 2023. Any Bhutanese, who have currently completed their training; or are under training as of 28th of February 2023, will be eligible for this recruitment policy.
  • Evidence for eligibility, either a BCAA license or proof of commencement of training from any Institute recognized by the Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority must be provided. Proof of commencement of training, dated after the 28th February will not be considered as eligible.
  • A pool of Pilots who are eligible will be formed at the end of February of 2023;
  • No one outside this pool shall be allowed into the pool until the pool has exhausted.
  • FOCTD will conduct a selection process for everyone in the pool and recruit him or her as per the selection criteria. In the case of a tie during the selection process, priority will be given to older Pilots and based on their availability as of the day of selection, but the candidate must pass the selection criteria;
  • A list, in order of the priority of recruitment, will be formed and maintained as per sequence;
  • Typically, around 4 Pilots will be selected every two years;
  • All Pilots must pay for the Type-rating on their own, either Airbus or on the ATR. The Technical Committee will decide this. Candidates holding a current type-rating will not be considered valid or given priority;
  • Drukair will provide these Pilots with base training on the aeroplane and recurrent training in the simulator;
  • At the time of joining Drukair, the Trainee Pilot will have to sign a Service Contract Agreement which is in line with the regular Drukair Pilots.
  • During the training period they will be termed as Trainee Pilot and paid a consolidated amount of Nu. 30,000 until they checkout as Junior First Officer.
  • Upon successful completion of the training, regular pay will be paid until the completion of a 1000 flying hours on the type of aircraft; The terms of employment will contractual only until the cessation of contract upon achieving the stipulated 1000 flying hours on type of aircraft; we propose to pay a consolidated amount of Nu. 50,000 until they acquire 1000 flying hours with Drukair and are marketable in the Bhutanese and International market.
  • Upon accumulating 1000 flying hours on type, the Pilot will be relieved of their service in Drukair.
  • They will be entitled to uniform, hotel and per diem in line with the Drukair Service Manual like rest of the Trainee Pilot and Junior First Officers.

>>>  Click here to download Drukair Employment Application Form